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Introducing our Spring 2020 lineup

20 January 2020

Here we are, mid-way through January and the temperature is dropping fast. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for warming your collective cockles – the SelfMadeHero Spring list! 
That’s right, we’ve just announced our seven amazing spring titles, with books that cover everything from challenging the climate crisis and climbing the alps, to the realities of ageing and life in Siberian exile. 
We begin the list with March's Thoreau and Me, Cédric Taling’s philosophical exploration on the causes and consequences of the current ecological breakdown and climate crisis. Blending humour, philosophy and fiction, Taling follows a forty-something painter living in Paris who has begun to question his life choices, aided by the spirit of proto-environmentalist and author of Walden; or, Life in the Woods, Henry David Thoreau. 

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Alongside this we'll also be bringing you the award-winning Siberian Haiku, which tells the story of Algiukas, whose family and friends are forcibly deported to Siberia from their rural Lithuanian village by the Soviet Army. Based on the true story of her father, writer Jurga Vilé, along with artist Lina Itagaki, offers the unforgettable tale of Algiukas, who learns to escape the daily rigours of his harsh conditions through the inventive power of his imagination, and a book of Japanese haiku poems. 
Then, coming in April is Jean-Marc Rochette’s epic Altitude, an exhilarating account of his early life as a mountain climber, and the journey that would inevitably lead him to his life as an artist. Together with co-writer Olivier Bocquet, they craft an impassioned tale of how physical endurance can help scale dreams and mountain peaks. 
Also in April is The Summer of Her Life, a beautifully nuanced reflection on the day-to-day realities of getting old. Award-winning creators Thomas Von Steinaecker and Barbara Yelintell tell the story of Gerda Wendt as she contemplates her younger years, and a heartbreaking choice between love and her passion for astrophysics.   
Rounding out the Spring titles are the two gorgeously illuminating graphic histories of Wine and Medicine
With Wine, French journalist and wine specialist Benoist Simmat uncorks the story of the world's favourite drink, and explores the cultivation, art and science of wine-making, from ancient Greece to the vineyards of Burgundy and Napa Valley. This is the perfect accompaniment to any glass of chablis or merlot. 
And in Medicine, Surgeon-turned-writer Jean-Noël Fabiani dissects the significant moments in the history of medicine, from aspirins and blood-letting, to viagra and X-rays highlighting the often surprising medical breakthroughs that have contributed to our current state of healthcare, offering an entertaining and educational tonic. 
As always, get ready and stay tuned, it's going to be a hot spring!