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Here's what people are saying about Tumult by John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy

15 August 2018

John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy's Tumult has been drawing praise from the great and good of the comics world, from Dave Gibbons to Charlie Adlard.

Dunning and Kennedy's stylish contemporary thriller, which was The Observer's Graphic Novel of the Month for July, has been compared to the work of Hitchcock and Patricia Highsmith - and, as Rachel Cooke remarked, it has a "slippery, shivery power".

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Warren Ellis praised the "peculiarly chilly visual storytelling" on display in Tumult: "In a few panels I'm reminded of Charles Burns, Dylan Horrocks or Chris Reynolds, but the art keeps inventing, finding new tones within its own voice... It's a big book, 180 pages that slip and slide from literary fiction to Hitchcockian genre drama and back again.  It's not that it's not sure what it's doing - it's that it wants you to be unsure of what it's doing." 

Here's what others have said of the book:

"Tumult is a cracking read. It kept me turning the pages and hurtled along at a great pace… I couldn’t put it down"
— Charlie Adlard

"The story was tremendous, a real page-turner. And I loved Michael Kennedy’s artwork"
— Frank Quitely

"Tumult reads like an art house thriller. An ode to cinema, it has shades of Jim Jarmusch or a hipster Hitchcock, and some of the boldest, most original art I’ve seen in years"
— Christian Ward

"Incredible, inspiring, infinitely readable"
— Craig Thompson

"Tumult is the coolest indie movie on paper. Oblique, funny and beautiful work from two future comic stars!"
— Sean Phillips

"Unique, thrilling and illustrated with gusto"
— Michael Allred

"I was so keen to unravel the mystery I didn’t get up from the sofa till it was read. Only complaint is that I wanted more by the end of it"
— Frazer Irving

“Utterly compelling to an almost sinister extent”
— Jake Arnott

“An involving story and great graphic impact”
— Dave Gibbons

“When I'd finished reading Tumult, it felt like I’d met an interesting person on a train journey, and when I got off at my stop, I hoped to meet them again. We keep books on the shelf as company - some of them are best friends we visit often. Tumult is a journey I must travel again.”
— Simon Bisley

"An unsettling and suspense-filled drama"
— Broken Frontier