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Celebrating 50 years since the moon landing with Matt Fitch and Chris Baker

8 July 2019

On 20th July 1969, mankind set foot on the moon. Backed by the brightest minds in engineering and science, Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins boarded a rocket and flew through the void – just to know that we could. Today, 50 years on, the mission remains one of humanity’s greatest exploratory achievements.

To mark five decades since the moon landing, writers Matt Fitch and Chris Baker will visit Soho's Gosh! Comics to sign copies of their masterpiece of graphic non-fiction, Apollo. You'll find them there on Saturday 20th July from 1-2pm.

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Fitch and Baker's graphic novel, illustrated by Mike Collins, tells the breathtaking story of the Apollo 11 mission. It does a brilliant job of capturing the moments of high drama and astonishing risk. But it is also a fascinating insight into the lives of three men who, in the most extraordinary of circumstances, are separated from their families and loved ones.

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Scientific American praised Fitch, Baker and Collins for their smart handling of the "suspense-filled" story: "They convey surprising depth and emotion, as well as rich historical details of the era. The book explores the political tension around the space program at the time, the nerve-wracking anxiety experienced by the families of the crew, and the heart-stopping moments of the mission that proved to be such a milestone."

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For more information about the signing, head over to Gosh! Comics' website.