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The Good Inn Creators Collaborate on New Pixies Video

4 March 2014

Josh Frank, co-author of The Good Inn (with Pixies frontman Black Francis), has written and directed the video for Pixies’ latest release, Greens and Blues. Plus, the titles have been done by the book’s artist, Guardian cartoonist Steven Appleby. Take a look:

The Good Inn will be release in May this year. Here’s the blurb:

“A book based on a soundtrack score that has not yet been composed for a feature film that does not yet exist.” Pixies frontman Black Francis has approached writing his first book as he would do a song: with inventiveness and originality. The Good Inn tells the story of an eighteen-year-old known only as Soldier Boy who, after escaping a devastating explosion at the French port of Toulon, sets out on a bizarre journey across France. Navigating his way past homicidal gypsies, combative soldiers and porn-peddling peasants, he takes refuge at The Good Inn – and promptly finds himself centre stage in the making of the world’s first narrative pornographic movie. Unique and vividly imagined, The Good Inn is a touchingly comic story that brings turn-of-the-century France to life.