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Steven Appleby Signs The Good Inn at Gosh! Comics, Tuesday 17th June

16 June 2014

Following his appearance at the amazing launch event at the British Library a week ago, Steven Appleby will will be signing copies of The Good Inn at Gosh! Comics on Tuesday 17th June, from 7pm.

The Good Inn, released last week, is co-authored by Pixies frontman Black Francis and biographer and screenwriter Josh Frank.

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Based on a yet-to-be-written soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t yet exist, The Good Inn weaves together two historical events: the explosion on the battleship Iéna at the French port of Toulon and the making of La Bonne Auberge, the earliest known pornographic film. Illustrated throughout by Steven Appleby, the novel combines fact and fiction to recreate this lost piece of history.

You’ll know Steven Appleby from his work for The Guardian, and as the artist behind many brilliant books. He also contributed artwork for the Pixies album Trompe Le Monde. He’ll be signing from 7-9pm at Gosh! Comics, 1 Berwick Street, W1F 0DR. There’ll be free beer, wonderful company, and a limited edition book plate available exclusively at Gosh!

Check out our flickr stream to see some photos from the launch event at the British Library.