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Overwhelming Support for SelfMadehero’s National #DrawYourBookshop Challenge

30 November 2020

When graphic-novel publisher SelfMadeHero launched their #DrawYourBookshop social media campaign via Twitter on 18th November they never imagined the phenomenal response it would receive. Avid book readers across the UK have shown enthusiastic support for their local bookshops and it is an excitement that has spread overseas too. 

“We have been delighted and overwhelmed, to say the least, at everyone’s enthusiasm to participate in our activist hashtag #DrawYourBookshop”, says SelfMadeHero’s Editorial and Production Director Guillaume Rater, who initiated the campaign. “We hope that it provides some emotional support to bookshops and book-lovers doomscrolling during lockdown”. 

Intended as a fun callout for all artists to support our bookshops during lockdown with a quick sketch, drawing, or masterpiece of their local favourite store, the challenge has inspired professional illustrators along with members of the book-buying public. Organisations such as the Booksellers Association and institutions such as British Library and the Tate have also encouraged people to join in. 

Independent shops have been represented from all parts of the UK. Book lovers have been especially keen to show support for their favourite booksellers in cities as far afield as London, York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Barrow-in-Furness, Norwich, Lake District, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Penarth, Oxford, and even Isle of Man. Internationally, there has been posts from America, Spain, Sweden, France, Canada, Denmark, and Germany. 

“We have been delighted to make contact with new indie shops and artists through this campaign,” continues Rater. “We hope we can continue to sustain this support throughout the year and repeat the #DrawYourBookshop call-out annually ahead of Christmas.” 

The #DrawYourBookshop campaign continues throughout the UK’s national lockdown/Tier restrictions.

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