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By Rachael Ball

Hardback, 304 pp, $24.99

After a tragic accident leaves his family bereft, a young boy called Hugo finds his world turned upside down. His new home comes with new neighbours, among them (according to the boy next door) a dangerous recluse who eats children: the Wolfman.

Desperate to return to happier days, Hugo draws up plans for a time machine. But only the Wolfman has the parts that Hugo needs to complete his contraption, and that will mean entering his sinister neighbour’s house…

Beautifully illustrated in pencil, Wolf is a captivating and poignant exploration of family, grief and that blend of the everyday and the fantastical that is childhood.

Rachael Ball

Rachael Ball is a cartoonist, a teacher and the author of The Inflatable Woman. Her illustrations and cartoons have appeared in Deadline, the Times Educational Supplement, the Radio Times and many other publications.


"An ethereal, subtle, haunting fable. Rachael Ball has created a time machine, a nostalgic step back to a bygone age, but which speaks to our present and future with eternal themes of love and loss"
— Kate Evans
"Poignant and elegiac... Ball's magical realist artwork sensitively captures a child's-eye view of the world"
— The Times Literary Supplement