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The Summer of Her Life

Words by Thomas Von Steinaecker

Art by Barbara Yelin

Hardback, 80 pp, $24.99

While trying to cope with the daily realities of her existence in an old people’s home, Gerda Wendt looks back on her childhood and adolescence, on her passion for astrophysics and the raised eyebrows it provoked, and on the though choice she had to make back in the summer of her life: the choice between love and a career abroad… 
Subtle and deep, moving and funny, sad and true, Gerda’s reflections seek to answer the question that keeps us all awake in the small hours: have I lived a good life? 

Barbara Yelin

Barbara Yelin was born in 1977 in Munich and studied illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. She became known as a comic book artist in France for Le Visiteur and Le Retard. Her first publication in Germany was Gift, based on a script by Peer Meter. This story of a historical criminal case brought her to the attention of a larger audience in Germany. She has subsequently published a collection of her Riekes Notizen comic strips, which were originally printed in Germany in the daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. Yelin was a co-publisher of the anthology Spring for many years and gives workshops around the world. She lives and works in Munich.

Thomas Von Steinaecker

Thomas Von Steinaecker is a German novelist and journalist. He has written extensively for radio, and is the creator of several documentaries, including Richard Strauss and His Heroines. Two of Thomas’ novels have been nominated for the German Book Prize. 


"Here is life as a continuum, a spool that, unwound to its fullest extent, serves elegantly to correct the common and utterly complacent misapprehension that the wildest and most powerful emotions are reserved only for the young."
Graphic Novel of the Month
— The Observer
"It is the realm of childhood exploration, young love, and ambition. The moments captured by Yelin’s illustrations transcend reality and break your heart; they will linger for days after you have finished reading."
— Broken Frontier