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The Lovecraft Anthology, Volume 1

Edited by Dan Lockwood

Paperback with flaps, 120 pp, $19.95

"For what has risen may sink… and what has sunk may rise again."

Out of the dark corners of the earth and the still darker imagination of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, renowned master of the eerie, come seven sinister tales of terror. From cosmic horrors gibbering in the night to uneasy stirrings in the boundless depths beneath the seas, Lovecraft's stories have never lost their power to amaze and unnerve. This graphic anthology breathes new life into classic works of weird fiction.

Dan Lockwood

Dan Lockwood is a freelance editor, proofreader and writer who has worked for more than a decade in fiction, non-fiction and comics publishing. For SelfMadeHero, he has edited The Lovecraft Anthology, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, The Motherless Oven, Filmish, Ruins and Celeste, among many others. He lives and works in Salisbury, UK.


"The Lovecraft Anthology, Vol. 1 provides the goods."
— GeekDad
"A perfect introduction to the writer's eldritch work, and an unspeakable delight for longtime fans."
— Bizarre Magazine
A rich grab bag that brings the eerie and unspeakable to vivid graphic life, and both the newcomer and the seasoned Lovecraft fan will not be disappointed.
— Publishers Weekly