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The Book of Forks

By Rob Davis

Paperback, 200 pp, £12.99

The Motherless Oven and The Can Opener’s Daughter may have raised more questions than they answered, but The Book of Forks explains everything.

Castro Smith finds himself imprisoned within the mysterious Power Station, writing his Book of Forks while navigating baffling daily meetings with Poly, a troubled young woman who may be his teacher, his doctor, his prison guard… or something else entirely. Meanwhile, back home, Vera and Scarper's search for their missing friend takes them through the chaotic warzone of the Bear Park and into new and terrifying worlds.

With The Book of Forks, Rob Davis completes his abstract adventure trilogy by stepping inside Castro's disintegrating mind, to reveal the truth about the history of the world, the meaning of existence and the purpose of kitchen scales.

Rob Davis

Rob Davis is the multi-Eisner-nominated creator of The Motherless Oven, The Can Opener's Daughter, and The Book of Forks series for SelfMadeHero, as well as the critically acclaimed graphic adaptation The Complete Don Quixote. He also created, edited and contributed to the award-winning anthology Nelson for Blank Slate books. 
Before this Rob worked for 2000AD drawing Judge Dredd, as well as writing and drawing Doctor Who for Panini. He has written and drawn strips for Vertigo and IDW, and was an illustrator and cartoonist on national news titles including The Guardian


"These are more than just good comics, they’re vital comics." 
— A Place To Hang Your Cape
"Davis has crafted a universe totally lacking in derivative concepts or even references that the reader can cling to. [It] leaves other dystopian fictions in the dust."
— Publishers Weekly
"Davis has created a story full of emotion and adventure, following in the footsteps of the best young adult novels and graphic stories."
— AV Club
"The series is quickly proving to be essential reading."
— Library Journal
"You’re drawn in by its strange world and you come to care about its characters, and both are so vivid that the result is an outstanding piece of work."
— SFX Magazine
"A dark, disorientating twist on the classic tale of kids against the world, setting school rivalries alongside talking trumpets and the crushing hand of destiny."
— The Guardian
"A graphic novel of incredible resonance and absolute, inscrutable beauty, at once a coming-of-age and coming-to-term tale."
— Library Journal
"One of the most intensely unhinged graphic novels of the year."
— Vice
"One of the real thrills of the U.K.’s graphic novel renaissance of recent years has been the reemergence of Rob Davis as a major talent."
— Comic Book Resources
"The entire trilogy is an absolute must-read, one of the more unusual, intriguing and frankly downright wonderful stories to emerge in recent Brit comics, in my opinion."
— Down The Tubes
"A genuinely unique creative vision and yet one that, for all its overt strangeness and ostentatious incongruities, is steeped in the eerily familiar too."
— Broken Frontier