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By Frederik Peeters

Translated by Edward Gauvin

Hardback, 88 pp, $19.95

Our heroine, Carice, is visiting her husband – she has something important to tell him. He's a diplomat, who's lying in hospital following a car accident.

Stuck in a traffic jam on her way to the hospital, she abandons her car and sets off on foot on a journey that turns into a surreal trip. Imagine a David Lynch film co-written by Chuck Palahniuk, Jean-Paul Sartre and Milan Kundera.

With a foreword by Moebius, Pachyderme is a deeply imaginative, mysterious and compelling graphic novel by one of Europe's finest comics artists.

Frederik Peeters

Frederik Peeters is an award-winning Swiss comic book artist best known for his autobiographical graphic novel Blue Pills. He has received five nominations in the Best Book category at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. In 2013, he won the Best Series prize at the same event for the first two volumes of his science fiction series Aama. Peeters is also the author of Pachyderme, Sandcastle (with Pierre-Oscar Lévy) and The Smell of Starving Boys


"It's funny and elegant and disturbing, and Peeters' evocative artwork – inspired equally, it seems, by classic Hollywood and the great horror comics of mid-century – makes every page eye-catching."
— Slate
"Pachyderme is the perfect example of a vivid and poetic graphic novel that succeeds in conveying a sense of the unconscious, of true mystery."
— Moebius