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Art Masters: Dalí

By Edmond Baudoin

Translated by Edward Gauvin

Paperback, 160 pp, $19.95

Was he a madman, a genius or a lover? Was he impotent, paranoid or simply shy? There is no shortage of labels for the landmark Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, as well known for his acts of public bravado as for his extraordinary work. Edmond Baudoin, one of the most original talents in contemporary French comics, offers his depiction of the man behind the artist. 

What emerges is the heartfelt and inimitable account of two artistic worlds, each possessed of its own rare intensity, meeting for the first time. Backed by rigorous research, Dalí also includes a detailed timeline and bibliography.

Edmond Baudoin

Born 23 April 1942 in Nice, Edmond Baudoin abandoned a monotonous accountancy career to dedicate himself to more creative and artistic endeavours. He has since become one of France's foremost comic book creators, collaborating with Frank Reichert and Jacques Lob, among others, and illustrating works by Le Clézio, Tahar Ben Jelloun and Jean Genet. 


"Tracks the artist's life, from birth to death, in Baudoin's inimitable comic style."
"Baudoin is a revered comics master in his native France, and his mercifully clear-eyed vision of Dalí's imperfections is welcome…"
— Publishers Weekly
"Dalí is one of the most beautiful comics of the year… This graphic novel reveals an exceptionally talented and thoughtful cartoonist."
— The A.V. Club
"Dreamlike and surreal"
— Geekdad