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The Can Opener's Daughter

ISBN: 9781910593172
Available: November 2016
Binding: PB
RRP: £12.99/$19.95/$23.95
Size: 170x240
Extent: 160
Colour: Black and White
Author: Rob Davis

“ A gripping follow-up to the British Comic Award-winning The Motherless Oven ”

In the British Comic Award-winning The Motherless Oven, Scarper Lee asked: “Who the hell is Vera Pike?” Now we get a chance to find out. Vera lives in the cruel world of Grave Acre. Her mother is the Weather Clock, the megalomaniacal Prime Minister of Chance. Her father is a can opener. Charting Vera’s childhood, the second part of Rob Davis’ trilogy takes us from her home in Parliament to suicide school, and from the Bear Park to the black woods that lie beyond. In the present day, Vera and Castro Smith are determined to see their friend Scarper again – but is he even still alive? Can anyone outlive their deathday? A darkly inventive sequel, The Can Opener’s Daughter answers many of the questions posed in The Motherless Oven, while asking plenty more of its own.