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One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book

ISBN: 9781910593141
Available: January 2016
Binding: PB
RRP: $14.95/$17.95
Size: 245x190
Extent: 112
Colour: B&W

“ Breathe, color, smile: Unwind with a weekly meditation ”

Reflect on the wisdom of the world's great thinkers while coloring in the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of Huffington Post blogger and Zen Buddhist practitioner Mike Medaglia.

The 52 illustrated meditations within this book will leave you inspired by the words of thinkers from Rumi to Roosevelt, soothed by the meditative act of coloring, and empowered by a more mindful, calm, and creative approach to life.

One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book will fire your imagination, improve your focus, and help you stay creative, positive, and relaxed.