US SelfMadeHero - Klaxon
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ISBN: 9781910593028
Available: November 2015
Binding: PB
Size: 240x170
Extent: 120
Colour: Full Colour
Author: Si Spencer
Artist: Dix

“ A darkly brilliant, unnerving horror story ”

Carlisle, one of three slackers high on wax and cavity wall insulation, finally has a reason to leave the house: new neighbours. But his offer to help Carol and her weeping mother move in incurs the wrath of their landlord, the grim, grinning Mr Stapleton, and his halfwit minion son. As Mr Stapleton’s malign influence begins to plague both houses, the residents are afflicted by milk binges, metamorphoses and indoor confectionary storms. Inspired by the unspoken wisdom of a giant porcelain cherub, Carlisle realises he must take the fight to his enemy – only then will he have a chance of saving his friends and neighbours.


An urban nightmare of finely balanced dialogue and artwork, as if Raymond Briggs teamed up with Daniel Clowes and they dropped the bad brown acid. Which is my idea of an evening well spent.

Alan Martin - Creator of Tank Girl