US SelfMadeHero - Aama Vol. 3
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Aama Vol. 3

ISBN: 9781906838935
Available: May 2015
Binding: HB
RRP: $19.95/$23.95
Size: 190x260
Extent: 88
Colour: Full Colour

“ A mute child. A harrowing journey. A race for answers. ”

On the fantastical, rapidly evolving world of Ona(ji), Verloc Nim and his companions are heading to the release point of the biotech experiment Aama, a project that now appears to be frighteningly out of control. Faced with an increasingly desperate fight for survival in an ever-changing landscape, the expedition teeters on the brink of collapse. The Desert of Mirrors, the third volume of Frederik Peeters’ award-winning series, draws us deeper into a complex and unsettling future where creation and loss go hand in hand. As moments of self-reflection and revelation bleed into a vivid reality bordering on madness, the search for Aama continues to raise questions – about the new life around them, about the Muy-Tang Corporation… and about Verloc’s own family.