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Terra Australis

ISBN: 9781906838751
Available: February 2014
Binding: PB(f)
RRP: £16.99
Size: 240x170
Extent: 512
Colour: B&W throughout
Author: LF Bollee
Translator: Edward Gauvin

“ Just look at the globe. Have you seen where Botany Bay is? ”

Over two centuries ago, a fleet of ships set sail from England led by Admiral Arthur Phillip. Of the thousand men and women on board, most were convicts, sentenced to transportation for crimes against the crown, and banished to exile. They were bound for Botany Bay, on the other side of the world, in the freshly charted territory of New South Wales. The journey to their new home would take them across three oceans, cover 15,000 miles, and leave them on the shores of a vast and virgin continent.

Five years in the making, LF Bollée and Philippe Nicloux present Terra Australis, the vivid and sweeping tale of an epic journey and an unflinching account of the founding of modern Australia.