US SelfMadeHero - Pachyderme
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ISBN: 9781906838607
Available: October 2012
Binding: HB
RRP: £14.99
Size: 240x170
Extent: 88
Colour: Full colour
Translator: Edward Gauvin

“ A modern masterpiece of surreal graphic fiction ”

Our heroine, Carice, is visiting her husband – she has something important to tell him. He's a diplomat, who's lying in hospital following a car accident. Stuck in a traffic jam on her way to the hospital, she abandons her car and sets off on foot on a journey that turns into a surreal trip. Imagine a David Lynch film co-written by Chuck Palahniuk, Jean-Paul Sartre and Milan Kundera. This edition of Pachyderme has a foreword written by Moebius.

Pachyderme is the perfect example of a vivid and poetic graphic novel that succeeds in conveying a sense of the unconscious, of true mystery.

Moebius - Casemate