US SelfMadeHero - Rebetiko
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ISBN: 9781906838515
Available: September 2013
Binding: HB
RRP: $22.95/$25.95
Size: 170x240
Extent: 104
Colour: Full colour

“ A day in the life of the persecuted Rebetiko musicians ”

Athens, 1936. General Metaxas is cracking down on rebetis and their way. A small group of friends – Rebetiko musicians – wind their way through the Athenian backstreets, ouzeris and market squares dodging the police while settling disputes over hashish and women. With music at its heart, the narrative builds to a joyous party at its climax in this award-winning graphic novel.

Prudhomme re-creates the music deftly, using small panels that echo the darkness, the closeness, of the cafés while also filling them with movement

David L. Ulin - LA Times