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But I Really Wanted To Be An Anthropologist

ISBN: 9781906838461
Available: May 2012
Binding: HB
RRP: $24.95/$27.95
Size: 170x240
Extent: 176
Colour: Full colour
Translator: Edward Gauvin

“ The highs and lows of life as a blogger ”

Meet Margaux: thirty-something mother, geek, style-goddess and red wine drinker. We follow her life, collected from her illustrated blog, as she makes her way as a freelancer in Paris. Anyone who's ever worn inappropriate shoes to the supermarket or danced around the house in their underwear will be charmed by her irreverent humour.


Ms. Motin has a perfect sense of humor and can lay claim, as she suggests at the end of this book, to being the Sarah Silverman of comics.

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