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Heart of Darkness

ISBN: 9781906838096
Available: September 2010
Binding: PB(f)
RRP: £12.99
Size: 165x241
Extent: 128
Colour: B&W throughout
Author of Original: Joseph Conrad

“ The dreams of men, the seed of commonwealth, the germs of empires ”

In this deeply atmospheric rendering of Conrad’s classic,we join colonial trader Marlow as he recounts his journey into the heart of Africa. Artist Anyango uses intricate pencil drawings that disintegrate to abstraction as Marlow travels further towards the dying Kurtz and the heart of darkness...

Interspersed with excerpts from Conrad’s The Congo Diary, Mairowitz and Anyango create a powerful vision of Conrad’s finest and most enduring novella. Famously, it was Conrad’s prophetic take on imperialism that inspired Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam war epic Apocalypse Now.

Every page is both extraordinary, and extraordinarily beautiful, and I urge you to go out and buy it.
- The Observer