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The Master and Margarita

ISBN: 9780955816925
Available: April 2008
Binding: PB(f)
RRP: £12.99
Size: 165x241
Extent: 128
Colour: full colour throughout
Author of Original: Mikhail Bulgakov
Adaptor & Artist: Andrzej Klimowski
Adaptor & Artist: Danusia Schejbal

“The screeching of the tram's brakes was followed by an horrific cry which echoed throughout the park. Bezdomny ran up to the gates to see Berlioz's severed head roll into the gutter”

We follow the Devil as he wreaks havoc in Soviet era Moscow. Caught up in the chaos are two lovers: the Master, a writer broken by criticisms of his novel, and Margarita, for whom the Devil has his own plans.

[it] should be on every designer's Christmas list
- Design Week