US SelfMadeHero - Hamlet
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ISBN: 9780955285615
Available: March 2007
Binding: PB
RRP: £8.99
Size: 148x210
Extent: 208
Colour: 9pp COL, 199 B&W
Author of Original: William Shakespeare
Artist: Emma Vieceli

“For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak”

Shakespeare’s most enigmatic play is re-set in a war-torn cyberworld. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, grieving for his father’s death, takes us on a journey through madness, treachery and embittered love to a new understanding of what it is to be (and not to be) a human being.

Reading the Bard's stuff can be a tough slog for kids but put it in a comic book, and suddenly Will doesn't seem so daunting

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