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ISBN: 9781906838669
Available: November 2012
RRP: £39.99/$60.00

“ 'When you understand a frog through and through, you attain enlightenment.' - Shunryu Suzuki ”

FROGSLEGS is the wide-eyed, straight-backed blue frog that features in the The Nao of Brown's Peoploids vinyl toy store where Nao works. At nearly 6 inches high, this collectable vinyl art toy is the perfect companion for your Zazen practice.

Created by artist Glyn Dillon, sculpted by Richard Martin, and produced exclusively for SelfMadeHero, FROGSLEGS comes in an equally enchanting box designed by the artist. With a limited edition of 275, it makes the perfect gift for enthusiasts and collectors alike

Box dimensions: 
H: 15.5cm  |  W: 16.5cm  |  D: 9.5cm

Material: Vinyl

Limited edition of 275

Suitable for adults