It’s beautiful artwork and engrossing prose capturing both imagination and soul, refusing to let go of either until long after the book has been finished.

Mass Movement Magazine

Culbard brings the world of Chambers to life with a rare ease and the reader is drawn in almost effortlessly from the start. Culbard, in less than a decade, has carved a unique niche for himself as a teller of gothic tales.


Culbard deftly leaves the pictures and the dialogue to tell the story, with his deceptively simple firgurework meshing brilliantly with the muted colour palette to create an eerie, unsettling atmosphere that will stay with you long afterwards. Let this enthralling work cast its sinister spell over you.

SFX Magazine

It’s masterful, effective and quite frankly, Culbard’s best work.

Curiosity of a Social Misfit

Clean lines, bold colors, and characters that wriggle right into the readers’ brain are Culbard’s trademark. In the realm of The King in Yellow, those skills are put to dastardly use as what begins in intrigue ends in poisonous insanity and palpable fright.

Publishers Weekly