This was the best read I have had in a long time.

Scott Stantis
Chicago Tribune

It's a pleasure to observe Dillon's characters trying to understand themselves.

Ellen Forney
The New York Times

It's a masterpiece, and I really can't recommend it enough.

Greg Burgas
Comic Book Resources

As rich and unique graphic novel experiences go, there's nothing quite like Nao right now

Phil Guie
Critical Mob

The Nao Of Brown is a powerful and resonating graphic novel that will provide you either temperance in life or the strength to carry on.

Bart Croonenborghs
Broken Frontier

Artist and writer Glyn Dillon has created one of the most beautiful and complex graphic novels to be published in some years. Tune in here and learn about Dillon’s time storyboarding for film and television, how he created the painterly look of his work and the many sources for his story.